From the Computer Lab

Time with Tammie
Need help with developing a new lesson with technology? Want some custom training or tech support? Want someone to hold you hand when you teach a tech lesson for the first time? I'm happy to help. Please feel free to call or e-mail and make an appointment and I'll be there to assist you with your techintegration needs.

Interested in trying an iPad? We have 40 iPads that may be used for classrooms. They are great tools for doing simple internet research and note taking projects or reviewing online documents/books. These tasks are simple, take no extra training and are an easy way to free yourself of the burden of rolling the carts down the hall. Becky can sign those out to you from the computer lab.

If you want to go the next step and use a special app, we would need at least 72 hours notice to get a FREE app installed on all the iPads. If you need an app that costs money, we would need to get the purchase approved and then we would need 72 hours to get it installed on the iPads. Please come and check it out. We'd love to get you started!

Google Docs tips and Tricks
The control key can be your friend in Google docs. If you see the red line indicating that a word is misspelled, hold down the control key and click on the word to get suggested correct spellings. It's fast and easy. Also control clicking on a word gives you an entire menu of options such as turning the word into all caps or 

Don't know the location of your file?
I sometimes know I have a file on my computer but I can't remember where I saved it. A simple trick for finding and then locating a file is to use spotlight (the magnifying glass in the upper corner) to search for the file with a keyword or two. From the spotlight menu, you can open the file. To determine the location, simply hold down the command key and click on the title of the file to see where it's saved. This image shows what it looks like.Inline image 2
The file name is "calendar_09-10-HANOVER". It is located in the documents folder in the techcoordinator's home folder.

From the Technology Committee 
The technology committee is in the process of drafting a new technology acceptable use policy that we hope to present to council at the beginning of second semester. Please talk to your technology committee rep with suggestions, questions or comments about items that you would like included and/or omitted from that policy.