Leaving Google

When you leave the district -- students AND staff -- all data associated with your Google Documents, Sites, Calendars, Gmail, etc. will be permanently deleted. You MUST transfer anything you wish to keep BEFORE the deadline specified to you by your school or district technology staff.

There are many well-documented ways to download/transfer your Google Apps data. To get stuff out of your school Google account Docs/Drive, Picasa, or Contacts, we recommend:


To get a local copy of data in Google Sites, try:


To get your old Gmail, the process depends on whether you want it to be transferred to another Gmail account, or just downloaded to your computer, or otherwise. For Gmail-to-Gmail transfer, take a look at:


For exporting mail to your own computer, check out:


If you still have questions, please do a Google search for terms like "export data from Google", "migrate Google account", "Google Apps dow‚Äčnload data", "move email from one Gmail account to another" etc. and you will find a wealth of information.

Thank you,

-- The Tech People