Internal Equipment Sales

Occasionally, surplus, NON-CAPITAL-ASSET equipment will be offered for sale here to District Staff. This includes accessories, cables, parts, bags, cases, etc. It does not and never will include school computers or tablets, we are NOT allowed to sell those.

"Profits" will be used by the school technology departments to augment future technology purchases for the school. Please inquiry directly with the contact person listed for each item if you have specific questions.

Please note that ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS-IS. 
Cash only.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges. 
We cannot and will not offer technical support or any guarantee/warranty of ANY sort. 
Void where prohibited, do not bend or mutilate, etc.

POSTED: April 14, 2016
ITEM: Kensington wireless mouse
PRICE: $10.00 each
LOCATION: Frances C. Richmond Middle School
CONTACT: Marion Bates,
DESCRIPTION: Kensington wireless three-button mouse with scroll wheel. Part number K72401. Uses a USB micro-dongle (included) and two AAA batteries (not included). Specs can be found here: 

POSTED: October 1, 2015
ITEM: Casecrown case for iPad 2
PRICE: $10.00 each
LOCATION: Bernice Ray Elementary School
CONTACT: Mary Dyke,, 603 643-6655
QUANTITY AVAILABLE: 22 black, 1 orange
DESCRIPTION: (see photos below, click for big versions.)


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