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Parent Portal + InfoSnap message

HOW TO DO A "MAIL MERGE" (i.e. an email to parents which contains specific/unique info pulled dynamically from PowerSchool -- i.e. their Parent Portal credentials + InfoSnap nag):

BEFORE YOU DO THIS, MAKE SURE THAT ALL STUDENTS IN YOUR SCHOOL HAVE PARENT ACCESS ASSIGNED. This can be done for all kids with a single click. Here's how. 


(Click for bigger images.)

1. Get your selection of kids in PS and start a new SM message. Make sure to pick the "Parent Email 1 ONLY" type.

2. Click "Load Saved Message" button:

3. Select "Parent Portal Credentials" and click "Load Selected Message":

4. Proceed and send.

The result (as of March 1 2016) will be, all the contact 1 emails of all the kids in your selection will receive a message like this, but with THEIR kid's name, Access ID, and Access Password printed in the key places:

See subpages for what the letter will/did look like.