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Projector source switching

This tip comes courtesy of John Lammert. You may have experienced the situation where you plug in your computer to the projector VGA cable, choose source "Computer 1," and show some stuff; then you walk away, start working with students or doing your lecture, and your computer goes to sleep; now, the projector auto-switches to the only other available source where it sees a live signal -- an Apple TV or a Chromecast, which are always on. So now you have to interrupt yourself to switch the source back to the right input. Irritating.

Here's the one-time process to suppress this "auto switching" behavior (NOTE: We have already done this on a few projectors at RMS, so if you get to step 4 and it's already set to "No," just leave it be.)

1. Fire up the projector and use its remote. Press MENU once to bring up a bunch of settings.

2. Use the remote's arrow keys -- arrow over to the RIGHT twice, to the SOURCE tab.

3. Arrow DOWN once to "Quick Auto Search."

4. Arrow RIGHT once to change it from "Yes" to "No." 

5. Press MENU to exit.

Now, when you choose your source (e.g. Computer 1), it should stay on that source no matter what, until or unless YOU tell it otherwise. Here's a crappy cellphone photo to illustrate:

-- TheBeatingTechIntoShapePeople