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Viewing Student Alerts

There are several kinds of alerts for students (caduceus for medical, scales of justice for discipline, a little head+shoulders for guardian, and a yellow triangle with exclamation point for "other".) 

Admin-side users (registrars, etc.) see these on all student screens, but teachers can see them too*. Some of these methods may be a result of the recent upgrade, or maybe they've always been there, I'm not sure. In any case, here are three places that teachers can see student alerts (click images for big versions):

* only the built-in ones...not our custom ones (504, Dresden Plan, tutor.) Those will only show on the real admin side.

1. via PowerTeacher webpage -> attendance screen (EXCEPT at RMS because of Smartboard-based attendance-taking):

2. via PowerTeacher webpage -> Backpack icon -> choose kid -> look for icon:

3. via PowerTeacher webpage -> Backpack icon -> "Alerts Summary" link on lefthand nav, shows all alerts for all students:

4. via PowerTeacher Gradebook -> Student Info tab -> choose kid -> look for icon: