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Summer Leavers


If a family tells you their child will not be here next year, you should still let them roll over, even if that means they will end up heading to the next school; this is because the following October's BOY report MUST show their departure. 

AFTER EOY: Students we thought were returning to school and who are therefore active now, but who we have learned are not going to be here:

1. Go to Functions and select Transfer out of school. Use July 15, [ThisYear] as the exit date, REGARDLESS OF TODAY'S DATE. When the date comes along, they will become inactive. RMS/HHS MAY need to drop them from classes to make section counts be accurate.

For PREREGISTERED summer no-shows, this is what support said to do:

1. Ignore the student record until the student's entry date. PowerSchool will automatically make the student active upon the arrival of the student's entry date.

2. Select the "now active" student on or after the entry date. 

3. Choose the student's Functions page. 

4. Click Transfer Out Of School

5. Enter a Transfer Comment stating that the student is a no-show. 

6. (Optional) Enter the Date of Transfer. This date should be equal to the student's entry date. 

7. Select the appropriate Exit Code. Note: Your state may require a specific exit code for no-show students. 

8. Submit your changes.

Additional notes -- from the meeting in late June 2016:

K thru 5 -- paper record stays with the kid's last school, even though the digital record MUST roll over for NH reporting reasons. However, 504/SpEd files are already at RMS…not cumulative info, yet. For legal reasons, they're supposed to be kept apart, it seems?

Anyway: Grade 6 and up, leavers' paper records should follow the CLASS (to HHS) even if the kid leaves, temporarily OR permanently. If the family contacts Robin two years later cuz of needing another copy of report card or whatever, Robin follows up with HHS as needed.

Della said that "dead" records may not be held to the same privacy etc. rules as live records -- i.e. if they've left us, she binds together all the cum + 504/SpEd + etc. for archival. Case managers etc. need to be responsible for pulling those records and storing them in THEIR "dead file cabinet" (and track it on The Big Spreadsheet) 

There should be small shared google doc(s) -- "16-17 summer withdrawals" -- between Ray/RMS and between RMS/HHS