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Smart Search

On the admin side of PowerSchool, there's an option you can enable which makes it so that when you start typing into the main search field, it auto-fills as best it can -- for names of kids, OR for names of fields. This is an option that we highly recommend -- at least try it, you can always turn it back off if it doesn't suit your fancy.

1. Log in, and on the start page, go to Personalize:

2. Click Interface:

3. Check the box to Enable Smart Search, and submit; leave the rest as-is (unless you know otherwise. I don't know what the task navigator is, and I do NOT want inactive people in my search results by default):

4. Now, go to the start page and type the first 2 or 3 characters of a field name, and it will automatically display possible matches, from which you can choose the one you want...same thing for the first few letters of a kid's name, etc. 

The little colored icon indicates the type of thing it's guessing at: