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Searching for students with certain grades

If you want to search within a specific subset of students, get that selection first. For example, use the stored search to select all the students who took a spring sport, or who have a particular guidance counselor, THEN follow these steps to identify the students in that group who got a specific grade in a specific term -- in this case, NC (No Credit) in Q3.

1. Go to System Reports ->  sqlReports4 tab -> Grades section -> "Current Grades Report - Letter":

2. Set the parameters as shown. The "Use current selection" piece is key, THAT will limit it only to the students in your selection, as opposed to all students in your school.

3. The results should look something like this (names blurred to protect the guilty):

If you want to search for students who got one of a list of grades, you can comma-separate them, as long as each is in single quotes. I.e. you could do 'NC','D','D-','D+' to get all the non-credits AND the D's, etc. Obviously individual schools may use different letters ("F" as opposed to "NC") so you have to know which ones are valid for your school.