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Final Grades Complete in Gradebook

(At the time of this writing, only HHS and RMS are using PowerTeacher Gradebook; so, Ray and MCS users can ignore this.)

When you have finished entering all your grades for a course at the end of the term, please do the following:

1. Make sure you've got the relevant Reporting Term and class selected. Click the button that says "S2 in progress" (or whichever term we're in):

2. In the box that appears, check the box for "Final Grades Complete" and, if you wish, enter a comment, and click OK:

3. Now that button turns green, with a green checkmark, and says "S2 Grades Complete":

Repeat for each class/term whose grades are finished.

Now, the person who has to store grades (and, sometimes, print report cards) can run a report that shows at a glance which classes' grades are complete and which are not -- instead of exchanging dozens of emails to figure out who's done and who's not. Here's the report:

System Reports -> Custom Reports -> Grading -> Gradebook Verification Report

Then pick the store code in question, and un-pause the results. Should look something like this: