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Enrolling a new student

You don't have to do much of this if you use the InfoSnap Preregistration form...

Last updated: Dec 17, 2013

  1. From the PowerSchool start page, click on Enroll new student, located under "Other Options" at the very bottom of the start page.

  2. Enter the student's Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Date of Birth information.

  3. Student number: Student ID numbers are created by stringing together the following:

    • 4-digit anticipated year of high school graduation

    • Identification number of entering school (5 for Ray, 6 for MCS, 7 for RMS, 8 for HHS)

    • The last digit of the leading school year that the child is enrolling into (e.g. in 14-15, use 4; in 15-16, use 5; 16-17, use 6, etc.) 

    • A 2-digit number, starting with 01 and incrementing for each student It should look something like 20166408. 2016 being the year of expected graduation, 6 because in this example the child is coming to MCS, 4 because they are enrolled for 14-15 school year, and 08 because the last new student entered in MCS this year was 07.

  4. Enrollment date: Should be the day the student will start school. BE CAREFUL, THE DEFAULT IS TODAY'S DATE. If it is a spring/summer enrollment for the upcoming year (preregistration), be sure to use the first day of school (e.g. 8/29/2014).

  5. Full time Equivalency: Always FT except for kindergarten/preschool.

  6. Grade level: The grade the student is entering.

  7. Entry Code: Most students entering at the start of the school year will enter as a E1. For mid-Year entries, find the code that fits the situation the best.

  8. Track: (skip, we don't use)

  9. District of Residence: Ray = Hanover = 233; MCS = Norwich = 852. RMS 6th graders will be Hanover (233) residents unless they are tuition students. 7th grade and up will be Dresden (142) unless they are tuition students. See below for other town/district codes.

  10. Fee Exemption Status: (skip/leave as-is, "Student Not Exempted".)

State Information

  1. Leave both "Exclude" options UNchecked (i.e. we want to INclude all students in state reporting unless we have a really good reason (e.g. foreign exchange students perhaps?)

  2. Tuition Charged, Tuition Charged to: Leave blank.

  3. Enrollment Status: Most will be a 1.

  4. Grade level: (skip.)

  5. Town Code: Enter ONLY THE NUMBER in this field. Refer to list below

  6. District Code: Enter ONLY THE NUMBER in this field. Refer to list below

  7. Full or Partial Grade Program Length: (skip.)

  8. Promoted Indicator: (skip.)

  9. CATE Extract stuff: Skip this whole section, it pertains to vocational schools.

  10. Recheck all information and press "Submit" button. Sometimes this will cause a window to open up asking if you would like to connect a family.

District and city/town codes:

Dresden district = 142
Hanover & Etna city/town = 233
Norwich city/town= 852
Cornish city/town/district = 115
Lyme city/town/district = 327
Vermont tuition city/town/district = 947
Private tuition city/town = 990
Private tuition district = 930

Other pages

Now you will use the other student pages listed on the lefthand side to fill in a bit more additional info about the student. We'll go page-by-page. The bolded ones are the ones where you need to do something.

  • Access Accounts: Leave blank, I.T. will do this part.
  • Addresses: Enter/update the guardians' and student's addresses. Again, even if they all live together and take mail there too, YOU MUST FILL IN ALL FOUR SETS OF ADDRESS FIELDS. There are shortcut "Copy Student Home Address" links to simplify this. Press "Submit" button when finished.
  • Contact Info: Enter/update the guardians' names, phone numbers, relationships, custody info, 2nd mailing. MAKE A SEPARATE ENTRY FOR EACH PARENT, EVEN IF THEY LIVE TOGETHER. E.g. Jane Smith as Contact1, John Smith as Contact 2. Fill in the Info and Emergency info as well -- you can leave the Relationship and Phone Type dropdowns blank but you MUST fill in at least one Emergency number. Press "Submit" button when finished.
  • Custom Screens: (skip)
  • Demographics: Fill in the following as given on the enrollment form, skip the rest
    • Preferred Name

    • Gender

    • Graduation Year

    • Home Languages besides English

    • Federal Ethnicity and Race

    • Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity

    • Homeless Code (always 1 unless unless they are homeless, at that point we would call Mike Cote at DOE or Rebecca Paroli to find out what to use otherwise)

    • Other Alert -- this can be used to draw attention to this student in various views of PowerSchool -- e.g. if there is something you want teachers to know about this student, but that isn't categorized as a medical or guardian thing. See this page for more info. Leave the rest as-is. Press "Submit" button when finished.

  • Emergency/Medical: Skip -- your school nurse will handle this page.
  • HHS Fields: Only used in HHS. Other schools shouldn't even see it listed. Contains stuff like open campus permission, March Intensive, guidance counselor, sports, etc.
  • Sibling Link: Optional. If you missed or skipped the step where it prompts for linking this student's information to an existing sibling, you can do that here.
  • Health: Skip -- your school nurse will handle these.
  • Modify Info: 
    • Family rep: If this box is checked, then this student is the youngest (or only) member of his family, so can be the designated mule for paperwork that gets sent home.
    • Home Room: Make sure to follow the existing convention. Searching and sorting require that it match EXACTLY for all kids in that homeroom. So if you use teacher's last name, or teacher's first AND last name, or a room number plus a last name, etc. then you need to be consistent throughout.
    • Locker #: only applicable at HHS
    • Lunch ID: CAN be used to store Mealtime PIN, but not necessary (can skip)
    • Part-time student indicator, Current Team -- (skip)
    • District Entry Date: (Likely the same as the School Entry Date, but please fill it in anyway -- helps us later to find new vs. rolled-over students)
    • District Entry Grade Level: (can skip)
    • School Entry Date: (should already be filled in from earlier on the new student entry screen)
    • School Entry Grade Level: (can skip)
    • Field Trip Permission: Set to "yes" if the parents GRANTED permission for walking/town field trips, "no" if they have DENIED permission
    • Photo Release Permission: same as Field Trip
    • Special Ed Case Mgr, 504 Case Mgr, Tutor: (fill in if known)
    • Rides bus? (I am not sure how this is used, or in which schools. FIXME)
  • NH KEY FIELDS: Please fill in Town of Birth, even in Norwich.
  • NH i4SEE general & details & State/Province: (NH schools only)
    • The student number should already be filled in under LASID. Use that to get a SASID number from the DOE and fill it in in the proper field.
    • Check that District and Town Responsible are correct. If not, click the link to go to the Transfer Info page, then go to the current enrollment and make corrections.
  • Parents/Guardian: Skip unless you know there's custodial weirdness (e.g. kid lives with someone other than his parents.)
  • Photo: Skip, these are auto-loaded later.
  • Transportation: (skip)
  • Ray Bus Info: (only used by Ray School)
  • Dashboard: (skip)
  • ALMOST DONE! Scroll down to the bottom of the list of student pages and click Scheduling Setup and fill in the following:
    • Next Year Grade (anticipated)

    • Schedule This Student (check box)

    • Allow student to submit requests (check box)

    • Year of graduation (should already be filled in, enter it if not)

    • Next school indicator (anticipated) Leave the rest as-is. Press "Submit" button when finished. THE END.