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Data Mining

- Search for 


This translates to, "504CaseManager field (found on student's Modify Information page) is not equal to nothing" i.e. "504CaseManager field has something in it" i.e. "this kid has a 504." 

Similarly, a search for HomeLanguages# gets a list of students whose "languages spoken at home" field is not blank (on the student Demographics page.) 

For ethnicity/race info, it's a two-step process:

1. Search for fedethnicity=1 and you will get a list of all students whose ethnicity is marked "yes" for Hispanic/Latino. 

2. Select all kids, do a quick export, and paste in this nonsense:

~(decode;~(f.table_info;table=StudentRace;fn=value;field=RaceCD;dothisfor=all;*studentid=~([01]id);*RaceCd=I);I;I; ) 
~(decode;~(f.table_info;table=StudentRace;fn=value;field=RaceCD;dothisfor=all;*studentid=~([01]id);*RaceCd=A);A;A; ) 
~(decode;~(f.table_info;table=StudentRace;fn=value;field=RaceCD;dothisfor=all;*studentid=~([01]id);*RaceCd=B);B;B; ) 
~(decode;~(f.table_info;table=StudentRace;fn=value;field=RaceCD;dothisfor=all;*studentid=~([01]id);*RaceCd=P);P;P; ) 
~(decode;~(f.table_info;table=StudentRace;fn=value;field=RaceCD;dothisfor=all;*studentid=~([01]id);*RaceCd=W);W;W; ) 

Then open in a spreadsheet program, you can sort/count the races

Regarding "which students got above a certain grade in a certain course last year" -- see Custom SQL Reports. Code is something like this:

SELECT s.lastfirst, g.course_name, g.grade, g.percent, g.grade_level 
FROM students s, storedgrades g
WHERE g.percent >= '%param1%'
AND g.course_number = '%param2%'
AND (g.storecode = 'S1' OR g.storecode = 'S2' OR g.storecode = 'Y1')
AND g.termid >= 2100
AND g.termid < 2200
AND g.schoolid = 20820

The line for storecodes does NOT apply (should be eliminated) for RMS as they store grades by quarter only. At HHS, it filters out quarter and exam grades for a saner display.

Also remember to adjust the termIDs for the year in question. 2100 = 11-12, 2200 = 12-13, and 2300 will be 13-14.

Also adjust schoolid accordingly. 20825 = RMS, 20830 = Ray, 145 = MCS.

PS risk mining


Begin with a selection of students, i.e. 9th graders.

Start page -> Special Functions -> Search by GPA

Cumulative vs Term vs Current -
Cum = since 9th grade
Term = in a particular term (Q2, S1)
Current = NOT SURE 

GPA Method: For cum, use "Weighted" -- this is the official HHS method which multiplies grade by credit hours (.5 for semester courses, 1 for year-longs). 

If searching within a quarter-long term, use "Simple" so that weighting is ignored. E.g. Carson-Turner and 3.0

Result of using this search is, a selection of students who match the search criteria. SPOT-CHECK THE RESULTS! Go to a student and click "Cumulative Info" under Academics. 

Low Grades report:

Begin with a selection of students, i.e. 9th graders.

Start page -> System Reports -> "Engine" tab -> "Low Current Grades"

Students to include: Selected students only, or all students

Term: Case-sensitive, must be like "Q2" or "S1"

Choice: Letter grades or percent

Letter grades -- Ds, NCs, or both
Percents -- you choose the cutoff
* We recommend using letter grades, since CG and P/F courses have 0 percent and therefore end up as false positives

Minimum #: How many of the bad grade they must have to be included in the search

Rest are what you want the report to include, and how you want it sorted.

Search for low STORED grades

Custom Reports -> Grading -> Stored Grades Report = easier to search STORED grades for NC's and stuff