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Infinite Visions NETSHARE

When you're working on the Infinite Visions server via Remote Desktop and you need to move a file between it and your Mac, here's how.

1. On your Mac, click the desktop so that you're in the Finder. Click the Go menu and select Connect to Server.

2. Type in the Server Address box and hit Connect.

3. Enter the username and password that you used when you first connected to the Windows server with RDP. Username is lastnamefirstinitial, password is NOT necessarily the same one that you use to access Infinite Visions itself. If your first try doesn't work, try unifund

4. The NETSHARE volume should already be selected. Click OK.

You should now see the NETSHARE icon on your desktop, like this:

If you do NOT see the icon, go to the Finder menu, select Preferences -> General, and check the box to show Connected Servers on Desktop:


5. Open NETSHARE. If you haven't already got a folder with your name, create one: Right-click or ctrl-click and select New Folder and type your name.

6. Back on the Infinite Visions server, with the file open that you want to transfer to your Mac, go to the File menu and select Save... 

7. Navigate to Computer -> New Volume (D:) -> NETSHARE -> yourname and give the file a name and save it there.

8. Back in the Mac realm, you should see the file you saved. You can drag it to your Mac and work with it there.

Similarly, to move a file from your Mac to the Windows server, just drag it into this folder, then on the Windows server, look for it in the NETSHARE path described above.

To save time, right-click or ctrl-click on the NETSHARE icon on your Desktop and select Make Alias

The next time you need to connect, just double-click that and enter your credentials, and you won't have to do the "Connect to Server" part.