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When to Use the Prereg Form

Last updated July 15, 2016

PRE-PowerSchool rollover/EOY:

1. New family walks in, does PREREG form, their data lands in IS with 8888xxxx number

2. School secretary gathers proof of residency etc.

3. When satisfied, school secretary: a) Approves the record in InfoSnap and delivers it to PowerSchool (or requests delivery from helpdesk); b) updates spreadsheet; c) changes 8888xxxx ID number to proper student_number/LASID as per The Formula.

4. NOW AND ONLY NOW can the student be PREPOPULATED for the Big Form (sysadmin task, on a weekly rolling basis):
- In PS: Search for infosnap_prepop#1 and set the Access ID/Key + enable parent portal access 
- In PS: Export using InfoSnap Prepop Template
- In IS 16-17: Import, validate, notify
- In PS: Use SchoolMessenger to send parents the template letter telling them how to get into the portal + do InfoSnap big form
- In PS: Set infosnap_prepop = 1 so you know they're done
5. Meanwile, school secretary needs to get a SASID before first day of school for Roster Report. Need ethnicity to get SASID. OOPS! THEREFORE: Assume White and she'll correct it with the state later. (Revisions to prereg form for next year includes asking for ethnicity so we get that earlier.)


AFTER June 22 (POST-PowerSchool rollover/EOY):

SAME except that at step 3, school secretary ALSO checks/fixes their enroll_status + schedule setup fields (because the prereg form is designed for PRE-reg, now we're using it for LIVE reg)


AFTER October 1st:

No more InfoSnap. Hand 'em the Big Paper Packet.