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InfoSnap, PowerSchool, and student name spellings

(Rewrite sanitized, not the kid's real name. The actual case described here is more common with foreign-born students.)

Another case of "this probably doesn't happen very often, but it's got potentially-broad implications, so I'm telling everyone..." A late-returning high schooler's parent was doing the InfoSnap long form for the first time today, which is prefilled with their kid's name as we have it in PS. The mom wrote: 

I am wondering if we can correct JP's name. 
His first name is “John Paul” and the computer system does not allow me to put the name right. Is there a way to fix it? 


To clarify, right now the kid's name is defined in PowerSchool like this:

We COULD fix it by moving "Paul" out of the middle name field and into the first name field, so that it's firstname "John Paul" and lastname "Smith." BUT, because he is an existing student, all of his accounts e.g. email, lab computer logins, etc. are currently "johnsmith," and changing all of those would be nontrivial. Also I don't know how a midyear name change might affect state reports, SAT score reporting since he's a junior, etc.? 

Perhaps in a situation like this, someone could assure the mom that his name DOES print properly on reports, as long as those reports are constructed to include the middle name field. The HHS Transcript report already does the right thing, for example:

​FYI, we build ALL new student account usernames based on feeding spreadsheets to scripts that "glue together" the kid's first and last name as it exists in PowerSchool. We do these in batches of hundreds at a time, so it has to be something we can automate. We leave out the middle names because we don't think that an 8-year-old should have to type something like to log in to their Google account. I know that some other schools create usernames based on a pattern involving something like their student ID number + their initials, so it's a fixed length for every kid, plus more obscure and therefore (some believe) more secure. I've never really bought into the second part of that reasoning, but I just wanted to mention that that is something we could implement, if the district were to come to a consensus.