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Home Languages form

1. Log in to InfoSnap at (Your username is one of "" or "" or "" or "".​ If you need a login/password reminder, email me.)
2. Go to Registration -> Submission workspace -> choose All submissions (under View).
3. Click on "EnrollStatus" to sort new kids from returning kids.
4. Select one or more new kids and go to Tasks -> Download Forms.
5. Check the box for Home Language Survey, do NOT include attachments.
6. It'll churn for a bit, then offer you a download link. Click that and it will download a zipfile. 
7. Unzip the download. It will make a folder for each kid, with the Home Language Survey as a PDF inside.

​* There were two things on the state's paper form that we did not explicitly ask in InfoSnap this past year: "List all languages spoken at home" and "Do you want translations of school notices". These will be added to InfoSnap for the coming year, so next year, this form will include those answers as well.