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There are 10 accounts total.

Marion's (admin access to all schools) <- will be transitioned to new Systems Administrator someday.
Tammie's (admin access to all schools) <- will be terminated after Tammie leaves.

School specific admin accounts with the following usernames: (an actual standalone Google account presumably monitored by multiple Ray people) (email alias to Joy) (email alias to Robin) (an actual standalone Google account presumably monitored by multiple HHS people)

Password: All have password CU in spreadsheet.

School-specific nurse accounts with the following usernames: <-- oops (email alias to Laura) (email alias to Pam) (email alias to Abby) (email alias to Candy)

Password: All have password CV in spreadsheet.

If you do not know/remember the password, email Marion.

The "sausage" document and other technical details can be found here: 

Note that some of the technical details of the "delivery" steps are going to change in summer 2016 as we reconfigure PowerSchool and go to the API-based delivery method. So right now, those are just Marion's problem, don't worry about it too much.


We are working on a timeline/process document (haha, actually, two):

Here is Jess's more recent one, with who does what when:

Here's the older one that Marion wrote which is more of a "how it all works" overview:


Revisions to the InfoSnap long form that we're making for 16-17:


How to send portal credentials to parents in one swell foop:


A little terminology, in semi-hierarchical order:

Dashboard: Where you start -- lets you get to "actions".

Action: One of up to three of the following: "Real" registrations for the current year, PREregistrations for the coming year, or real registrations for the coming year, each of which contain workspaces.

Workspace: Usually, you're working in the "Submissions" one -- viewing and manipulating the results that have come from parents filling out the form. There is also a "Roster" workspace which you may not see, which is where we predefine the kids' records so that their parents' registrations have somewhere to "land."

View: Within a workspace there are Views of the data in its various states, e.g. "Pending Approval" (parents filled it out but nothing else has happened), "Approved" someone has viewed the record and deemed it ready to come to PowerSchool), "New Pending Delivery" (brand-new kids who've been Approved) and "Returning Pending Delivery" (kids who were here last year who've been Approved), "Delivered" (the data has been brought to PowerSchool), and "All Submissions" (all of the above). Each view has certain Tasks available within it.

Within a given View, there are:

    Tasks: These are contextual to the View you're in. This is how you can move records to another view (e.g. Approve a record), download things that the parents have uploaded, print the Home Languages form for the permanent file, Assign or Remove Tags, export the raw records, etc. Again, the available tasks vary by View.

    Filters: A way to show or hide only the records that meet some specific criteria, like people who requested a second mailing, or whose kid takes more than three kinds of medication, etc. -- i.e. the kind of records you probably want to examine more carefully and/or notify nurse or other people about.

    Tags: Kind of like a filter, but more customizable -- a way to mark certain records according to certain criteria. We have some automatically-applied tagging logic, like if the parent changed their address, those get automatically tagged with "New Address." You can add and remove tags from a record. Currently, if you want to define a new tag that we don't already have, you have to request it from InfoSnap.

Some pictures:

Here's an example of using a filter to identify ONLY the records where the parents have uploaded a birth certificate, or proof of residency documents:

In the PREregistration form's submission workspace, if you detect a kid who's already been in our system (PowerSchool), even if it was a million years ago, TAG THE RECORD AS "Potential Duplicate" and do NOT approve it. Otherwise, we could end up duplicating the kid which is a VERY BAD THING

More to come...someday