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Self-grading quizzes with Google Forms

You can use Google Forms to auto-grade a multiple-choice quiz. There are prefab templates available here:

I have tried the 3rd one listed, "GCT - Self Grading Quiz (20)" by Tim Lee. Here's a walkthrough.

1. Be logged in to your school Google account.

2. Click the "Use this template" button next to the one you want to use on the URL posted above. This will make a copy of the form in your Drive.

3. It will open to the form editor, where you can fill in what the questions should be (by default, they are just "1", "2", "3" etc.) Make the question titles be something short (e.g., "Ethernet", "Browser" in this example) and make the "help text" be the actual questions. You'll see why in a bit.

4. When you're done (in this example, the quiz is only 5 questions long), click "view online form" to see what it would look like to students:

5. Go to the "View results" spreadsheet. It should already know the names of your questions (hence why I recommended keeping them short.) Fill in the correct answers, exactly as they appear in your quiz, on the row indicated:

You can also edit the point values, to give different weights to different questions. I'm leaving the default, each question is worth 1 point.

6. Take the quiz! Then view the results spreadsheet again and you'll see each of the answers:

7. NOW, click the "Scores" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and voila, you will see that it automatically computed my score -- 60% (3 out of 5 questions correct) -- and it shows which questions I got right (1's) vs wrong (0's):

The other rows will get filled in as each student takes the quiz.