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Read Write Gold Chrome extension

Read Write Gold is a text-to-speech product that has a free add-on for use with Google Docs. It must be installed as a Chrome extension, and it must be done once for each Google Apps account of each student who wishes to use it. There is no way to administratively enable the add-on for everyone, it must be done on a per-user basis. 

The overview of this process is:

Student logs in to a school computer and opens Google Chrome browser.
Student logs into Chrome itself using his email address and password.
Student installs the Read Write Gold extension into his Chrome "preferences cloud." The extension is now associated with the student's Google Apps account; it is not tied to the computer at all.
Student can now use any computer, and as long as he logs into the Chrome browser, the Read Write Gold extension will be available. 

Here are the specific steps for students to follow:

1. Log in to the computer as you normally would. Launch Google Chrome, go to the Chrome menu, and select "Sign in to Chrome."

2. Type your entire "" email address and password into the window that appears. 

3. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Read&Write for Google Docs," or use this link. Then click the blue "Add to Chrome" button. 

4. When it prompts, click "Add."

Now, when you're in Google Docs, there will be a blue "ReadWrite" tab that floats at the top of the browser window. If you click that, then play/pause/etc. buttons will appear.

When you go to another computer, log in to Chrome as in steps 1 and 2, but you do NOT need to do steps 3 or 4; the Chrome extension will "follow" you from machine to machine, as long as you remember to log into Chrome each time. 

Additional notes: When you log into Chrome, you are already logged in to Google Apps, too. So you don't need to put in your password again. Also, you can sync your bookmarks!