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Posting to YouTube

In order to upload something from iPad iMovie to YouTube using our Google Apps domain, there are some initial steps that must be completed for each account that needs to be able to upload. In this case, I made a test account, but the same steps (2 thru 6) would need to be done for a student's or teacher's account. 

1. Sign in to Google Apps account in the browser. 

2. Go to "More" then "YouTube."

3. Click "Sign In" and re-entered Google password. This enables the YouTube "part" of the Google account.

It will likely prompt you to pick some categories of videos to watch, or some such nonsense. Move on... 

4. Click on your email address in the top right corner. Then, from the drop down menu, click the "My Channel" link.

5. Then enter a channel name and gender (it insists on this) and click "OK, I'm ready to continue.

6. On iPad iMovie project or from the Camera Roll, share to YouTube and log in with your school username and password.