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Google Docs Conversion

When you upload a document to Google Drive -- for example, something you created in Word -- you can choose whether or not to convert it to a Google Doc, versus just storing it read-only. If you choose NOT to convert it, then your sharing and collaboration options will be limited. For example, if you share an unconverted document to students, they will not be able to edit it or "make a copy" of it. 

When you upload to Google, check the confirmation box to determine whether the document has been converted:

For existing documents, you can tell by the document icon whether or not it has been converted. If it still has the blue "W" then it is still an unconverted Word doc; if it has the more generic looking icon, it's a converted Google Doc:

Our recommendation is to make your settings confirm each time. To check/set this, next time you upload something, click on "Settings" in the upper left portion of the "upload complete" window, then check the boxes as shown:

There are times when you probably do NOT want Google to convert a document -- for example, if you have something with a great deal of formatting, tables, columns, etc. that you want preserved. But if you want students to be able to edit, or copy and then edit, you should make sure you convert.