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Getting your data out of Google Apps

When you leave the district, your Google Apps account -- including all your email, Drive/Docs, Sites, Calendars, etc. -- WILL BE deleted. The letter below contains some links and information related to moving/archiving your data.

There are many well-documented ways to download/transfer your Google Apps data. To get stuff out of your school Google account Docs/Drive, Picasa, or Contacts, we recommend:

To get a local copy of data in Google Sites, try:

To get your old Gmail, the process depends on whether you want it to be transferred to another Gmail account, or just downloaded to your computer, or otherwise. For Gmail-to-Gmail transfer, take a look at:

For exporting mail to your own computer, check out:

If you still have questions, please do a Google search for terms like "export data from Google", "migrate Google account", "Google Apps dowmload data", "move email from one Gmail account to another" etc. and you will find a wealth of information.

If you are continuing to work with the district in some capacity, you will need to get a "sponsor." Please see the attached document for more information.
Marion Bates,
Dec 7, 2012, 8:14 AM