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Chromebook tips & tricks


Hold down ctrl and hit the screens key:
 (top row center, looks like three overlapping squares) to grab the whole screen.
Hold down ctrl-shift-screenskey to select an area.
Either way, it will save to your local Downloads folder.

Hit ctrl-m to bring up the file browser.
Open the screenshot and crop/rename/etc. if you want.
When finished, drag it to your Google Drive to make a copy in the cloud.

Accents: (see other doc)

Using the camera:

Depends somewhat on context. For example, to take a still picture of yourself and put it in a Google Doc, have the Doc open and put the cursor where you want the photo to be, then go to Insert -> Image and click “take a snapshot.” (The first time you do this in any app, you might see a tiny Adobe Flash dialog box where you have to give “permission” to use the camera, go ahead and do that.)

To record video, one way is to go into YouTube, then click “upload” and choose “webcam capture.” Then use the record/stop buttons to get it the way you want; give it a name, description, keywords, etc. and choose the level of privacy (we recommend the default, “unlisted” which lets you send the link to anyone but does not let it get “found” by strangers searching on YouTube.) Sample:

Non-GoogleDoc Docs:

Get the free Chrome Office Viewer extension and you will be able to view unconverted Office documents in your Drive.

“What if I want to edit it?” Go to Drive, find the document, right-click on it, and select “open with” and select “Google Docs.” This will have the effect of converting the doc to an editable Google Doc.

“I can’t open this Pages document” Best to convert to something compatible first. But if you go to Drive and click it, it should open read-only in the Google Docs viewer. You won’t be able to edit it or convert it though.