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Chrome Bookmarks Sync

If you use multiple computers throughout your workday/night, you know how frustrating it is to lose your bookmarks because you bookmarked something on one computer and then can't see it from another. Google's Chrome browser has a synchronization option which you can use to maintain your bookmarks across multiple machines. 

1. Decide which Google account you are going to use for your bookmarks sync. It can be your account, OR your personal Gmail account if you have one; but you have to choose and then stick to it. You'll still be able to sign into either account's Google Apps. 

2. Sign in to the Chrome browser. Note that this is NOT the same thing as signing in to Google Apps. Go to the "Chrome" menu and select "Sign in to Chrome."

3. Enter your Google/Gmail credentials. Remember to include "" if you have decided to use your school account for bookmarks sync.

4. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted about what you want to sync. It's OK to do "sync everything" for now, you can tweak it later. 

5. Now, create your bookmarks. When you go to another computer, log in to the Chrome browser with the same account you used here, and your bookmarks should "follow" you. Any new bookmarks you make on THAT computer will, in turn, be synced to your account. 

6. You can control how much of your Chrome data is synced. Go to the Chrome menu and select Preferences:

7. On the Settings screen, at the very top, click Advanced, then choose how much or how little data you want to synchronize:

8. If you are on a public computer, you should log out of Chrome. Go to the Chrome menu -> Preferences again, and click "Disconnect your Google Account."