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Connecting to the VPN

Your network administrator must first add you as a user on the VPN server, and send you a configuration file which only you can use. Here are the steps to install the VPN client, add the configuration, and connect. Once you are connected, you can access anything in the building (e.g., Infinite Visions) as if you were on the school network.

These instructions are for a Macintosh computer running OS X version 10.6 and up. 

1. Download Tunnelblick and open the disk image. Double-click the icon and follow the prompts to install the software. Enter your Mac's password if prompted.

2. After installation is complete, discard the disk image you downloaded, and go into your Applications folder and find the Tunnelblick app and open it. Click I have configuration files.

3. On the screen that appears, click Do not check for a change.

4. On the next screen that appears, click Check Automatically.

5. On the next screen that appears, click OK.

6. Unzip the file that was sent to you by your network administrator. It should be named something like "" It will create a folder called "untangle-vpn."

7. Open that folder and double-click the file called hhs-ut-vpn.ovpn.

8. On the screen that appears, it doesn't really matter, but click All Users.

9. Enter your Mac's password when prompted.

10. It should say that it successfully installed one configuration. Click OK.

At this point you have completed the one-time process of installing and setting up the VPN. From now on, whenever you want to USE the VPN, just start here. 

11. Launch Tunnelblick. Its icon looks like this:

Click the Connect button in the lower right corner.

12. You should see a series of messages in the upper right corner of your screen, along the lines of the following:

NOW, you are connected and it is as if you were on the school's network. 
If you want to access Infinite Visions, go on to this.