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Infinite Visions server connecting and printing

Install Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection for Mac. 

Launch it, its icon looks like this:

Click the New button to add a new connection:

Put whatever you want in the Connection name field, e.g. "TIV"
Put as the PC name. 
Leave Gateway as-is.
Username is lastnamefirstinitial e.g. batesm
Initial password is lastnamefirstinitial e.g. batesm
UNcheck the box for "Start session in full screen".

THEN go to the Session tab and CHECK the box for "Forward printing devices."

Close the window. You'll now have an entry in the My Desktops list named "TIV" or whatever. Double-click that. 

You will get a warning about the certificate; that's normal, hit Continue. 

The first time, you may be prompted to change your password: 

Enter the initial one again, then make up a new one and type it twice:

Then, launch the Infinite Visions program:

Enter the same initial credentials as before, and choose the appropriate connection group (Dresden, Hanover, etc.) and click Login.

Again, you will be prompted to change your password the first time; again, put in your old one, then type a new one of your choosing, twice.

WHEN YOU WANT TO PRINT: Go to the File menu and select Print... and pick one of the printers that has "redirected" in its name -- these are the printers that your Mac knows about. It may take a few seconds for all of them to appear, and you will need to scroll the printer picker to the right. For example, my Mac knows about a printer named "SAU LJ JPA" so, that's the one I'm picking here:

Theoretically, the next time you print, it will remember that you selected that one. If not, email