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Connecting to a Mac file server

The specifics and screenshots below refer to the SAU's shared file server, but the process is the same for all schools' file servers. 

HHS: for staff, for students

1. In the Finder, go to the "Go" menu and select "Connect to server..."

2. Enter the name of the server you're trying to connect to (see list above):

3. Log in with your school username (usually firstnamelastname, no periods) and password (usually a noun and a number):

4. Choose the share you need. There may be several, and you may see one with your name -- that's your home directory. 

5. You should now see the share on your desktop. 

6. Click on it once and go to the File menu and select "Make Alias."

7. You should end up with another icon, with a tiny arrow on it. 

Keep this on your desktop and double-click it anytime you want to connect to that share again.