For New Employees

This is where we post I.T./technology help and howtos that apply to employees anywhere in the district. School-specific resources (stuff like reserving labs, requesting software, etc.) can be found on each school's site under "School Resources."

As part of each school's hiring process, you should have received a form entitled "New Employee Technology Request Sheet" which asks for a few things, including your personal email address. That's how we send you your original username and password. If you got that, and you clicked the included link, congratulations! You're in the right place. If you do NOT have your school-issued login credentials yet, please contact your supervisor or mentor, or go to the "School Resources" page to find out how to contact your school's tech people for help. 

If you have been issued a school-owned computing device that requires a login (such as a Macintosh), then unless otherwise noted, your username is firstlast (e.g. johnsmith) and your password has been assigned to you by your school's technology department; frequently, it's a four-letter noun followed by a four-digit number. Please memorize these credentials. While you will be allowed (and encouraged) to change your passwords in systems like Google and PowerSchool, this username and password (hereafter referred to as your "universal" or "original" credentials) are what you would need to use for certain other services, such as connecting to your school's file server to make backups of data, getting on the secure wireless network at other schools during meetings, printing (in some cases), etc. Basically, if we need to make any other accounts for you on [whatever] systems, these are the credentials we'll set initially.  

For all things Google, including school email, Chromebooks, Google Apps, etc. your username is


Go to:

and click "Email." Type your entire email address as your username, and type your school-assigned password. The first time only, you will have to agree to Google's Terms of Service, and solve a captcha to prove you're human. 

Once you're into your email, you can send email to anyone else in our district; you need only to compose a new message and begin typing the first few letters of their first name, and the auto-fill will help you get the exact spelling etc. You are also automatically added to your school's staff-wide email list, so you will receive messages sent to the entire staff. If you or your supervisor specified any additional list memberships on the tech request fsheet, such as academic department lists or grade-level team lists, you will already be on those as well.

If you want more information about Google Apps, start with the links on this site (turn down the arrow next to "Google" in the lefthand nav bar) or, do a Google search for your question -- e.g., "how do I attach a file to an email in Gmail?" You can just type your question verbatim into the Google search field, and odds are you will find your answer within the first three results.


If you work at Hanover High School or Richmond Middle School, you can receive email sent to
If you work for the SAU, you can receive email sent to
If you work for Ray School, you can receive email sent to
If you work for Marion Cross School, you can receive email sent to

We own all of those domains, from the legacy days of when each school was on a separate mail system. But you must always LOG IN WITH the full version.


If you're going to be using PowerSchool at all, either as a teacher or as an administrator, please start with the (very short) PDF listed here.

If you're a teacher, your school's technology coordinator will help you set up and use the Gradebook component of PowerSchool; or, you can get help from someone else in your department. 

Unless otherwise noted, your PowerSchool login is your universal login, same as above.


This really only applies if you use a Mac; if you have something else, talk to your school's tech department about backup options.  There are lots of ways to back up data on a Mac, but one is, use the school's file server. Your credentials should be the same universal login, and you must be at school (on the school network). This page has the gritty details.

(more to come...)
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