Employee Computer Purchase Payroll Deduction Program

SAU 70 offers to all employees a program for financing the purchase of a new personal/home computer. Here's how it works.

1.  You buy a computer -- a Mac, a PC, an iPad, or a Chromebook.
2.  You submit proof of payment to the SAU and fill out a form that they send you.
3.  The SAU reimburses you for the entire amount via check.
4.  That total is then deducted from your paychecks throughout the remaining fiscal year. 

So, if you purchased a computer for $1,000, and there were ten pay periods left in the year, you would end up with $100 deducted per paycheck. It works out to a 0% loan, and the earlier in the year that you do it, the more pay periods there are for it be spread across.

If you have any questions, please contact
April Veracka <April.Veracka@hanovernorwichschools.org>

-- TheTechAndHumanResourcesAndAccountingPeople