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Video/Audio Projects


Because of the way that iMovie and Garageband save files, projects that require these pieces of software need to be handled a little differently than standard word processing, presentations etc. As a general rule, the following guidelines need to be followed for students using school computers to create both movies or podcasts.

General Guidelines for Teachers

- The same computer cart should be used for the duration of your movie/podcast project..

- If your students will be using lab computers, please inform the tech staff so that we can prepare the

computers for them in advance.

- Please inform a member of library staff that you are doing a video or podcast project when making your computer


- Please try to give library staff an idea of the number of days you will need the computers in order to

complete your project, understanding that video projects can be lengthy, especially the first time you do

them with your students.

- As far as you – the teacher – gaining access to their final projects, a flash drive works nicely for you too

collect all the finished projects on. This way you can review them at your leisure, share with classes etc. A drop box or burning a DVD are other alternatives. Keep in mind, depending on your assignment parameters, the files can be quite large.

General Guidelines for Students

The students need to use a local account on the macbooks while making the videos or podcasts. This is because video and audio files are BIG, and the students are allocated a small (but reasonable) amount of space on the server.

Once computer is on, log in as imovie (all lowercase). The password is the same - imovie

Students will end up saving locally, they must remember which computer they are using and keep with

the same one over the duration of project.
(You can provide a sign up sheet if you want...)

The FLIPs download nicely; most kids are familiar with them. The file format works well in iMovie if they need to edit anything.

Once the project is finished, students should save final video as a Quicktime file in iMovie. This makes a nice small file. They can do this by selecting Share → Export as quicktime.

To Export a Garageband project select Share → Export to Disk → if the podcast has pictures or movies pick AAC encoding, if it’s just sound then pick MP3 encoding.

Please remind the students that all their iMovie or Garageband work made on the local account is apt to be discarded - by me when I re-image the machines. So MAKE SURE TO SAVE the final version ON THE SERVER or on a personal flash drive!! They are also welcome to (and should) discard their working files themselves.