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We’re pleased to announce that we have 40 ipads available for teachers to use in class.  The iPads are divided into two sets of 20. Each set is optimized for different subject areas. Please let us know what you'd like to do when you call us to reserve a set, so that we know which one will best meet your needs.
If you are comfortable using the iPads without assistance, please book them by e-mailing hhstech@hanovernorwichschools.org with the following information:
    •    Date(s) and periods you’ll need the ipads
    •    Number of ipads needed
    •    Applications you’ll need
If you’re new to using iPads, please arrange a meeting with Tammie Patten to discuss your ideas and questions.  
Requesting Apps
 If you will be needing us to put a new application on the iPads, you will need to discuss it with Tammie or put in a software request. If the App you'd like to use is free, we may be able to put it on as quickly as 3 days from the time of your request. However, if the App you're using requires purchasing, we first have to go through the typical purchasing process prior to being able to install the App which could take as long as 2 weeks.  

Due to previous incidents, loaning iPads to students overnight is currently not permitted.  If you find students need time to finish a project, ask to book an extra day. When we receive iPads back, we wipe the information on them soon after. Under special circumstances, we will let a student finish a project with an iPad while they are in the lab.  If a faculty member wishes to borrow an iPad, we have a few iPad 1s for that purpose and you should come to the lab or email us to book one.