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Tech Portfolio/ICT

Beginning with the class of 2009 all New Hampshire High School students must complete a 0.5 credit in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to graduate.  There are several ways to achieve this. Students may either complete the independent technology portfolio, one of the approved technology courses at Hanover High School, a technology course at the Hartford Career & Technology Center, a course at another accredited high school or a college-level computing course.

Student who do not complete one of the approved technology courses will be enrolled in a Senior Technology Portfolio course. The course is offered online through the Schoology LMS platform as an independent study. Students will be asked to demonstrate their learning on each of the 10 technology standards.

Technology Portfolio Requirements
For each standard, students have the option to create a new project (recommended if new project also meet other course requirements), upload an existing project form another course (must be from grades 9-12), or take a quiz at 100% mastery.