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Student Services

Students are welcome to use any of the public machines and printers in the school, as well as access our wireless internet on their own laptops. We also provide you with 2 GB of space on the server to store files. These resources are to be used for academic purposes, and privileges can be revoked if a student abuses them.

Laptops and Other Computer Equipment

Due to too many abuses, we no longer lend chargers to students. If a student needs to charge their laptop or phone, they're welcome to use the charging station in the Upper Lab.

Overnight laptop loans: 
While we don't lend lap tops to students during the day, we do have a limited number of machines that students can sign out for overnight use. To reserve an overnight lap top, go see Ms. Crane in the upper lab. Students may check out laptops at the end of 7th period and students are expected to return them by the beginning of first period the next day.

A/V Equipment
There is A/V equipment available to students and staff to use for school related projects. Students must have a form signed by their parents saying they will replace any lost or damaged equipment. If your parent has not signed this release, you may download it here, have your parent sign it, and return it the library.

Equipment Available For Checkout:
ipods & nanos ibook computer (for home use only)
digital still camera
digital video camera
flip video camera
document camera
digital projector
speaker boom box
all region DVD player
VCR/DVD combo player
extension cords
ipod charger cord
headphone & splitter
slide projector
slide screen

Equipment for in-school loan only
(This equipment can be checked out, but can only be used at school, not taken home.)
iPad dongles for macbook, macbook pro and ibook
Extreme Sound System (with approval of a club advisor or teacher)

Other equipment and items
DVD copies of HHS Council meetings to loan
DVD copies of school events to loan
Assorted cables to solve media connectivity issues
batteries for school issued equipment
DVD duplicating service
Electronic copies of equipment manuals available to all users
Blank CDs for school projects