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Electronic Permission Form

- To access the form click on this URL:


- In order to set this up for your individual field trips, go to File-->Make a Copy and save the copy under a different name. A separate form for your field trip will then open.


-Then go to Form--> Edit Form, which will open a new window so that you can edit the form. All the editing that is probably needed is to go to the box right below the form title and add the date, time, destination, and mode of transport here, as well as the trip leaders and any additional information about the trip.


- Go to the form menu and make sure there is a check next to “Accepting Responses”. If not, click on it to activate the form so that parents can add responses.

- To send this form out to parents, go to Form-->Send Form and add all the parent's emails (you will have to collect these from students).


-Before sending the form make sure the “include form in the email is not checked. Otherwise parents will reply to the email rather than hit the submit button at the bottom of the form.


-Once all the forms have been electronically received, you can print the spreadsheet by going under the file menu in Google Drive.