STUDENTS: Please use the MI registration form (on the right) to rank your course choices for this year's March Intensive program. Note: You must be logged in to your HHS Gmail account.

If you're having trouble using the form embedded in this page, click HERE to start the form in a new window.

Full-time students need to participate in 1 Full-Day course, 1 Travel course, or 2 Half-Day courses (AM + PM). Each of your 8 choices has been divided up into 3 possible options:
  • Full-Day or Travel Courses
  • Half-Day AM Courses
  • Half-Day PM Courses
If your 1st Choice is a Full-Day or Travel Course, make your selection and then proceed to your 2nd Choice. Skip the Half-Day options.

If your 1st Choice is a Half-Day Course, make your selections (one for AM and another for PM), and then proceed to your 2nd Choice. Skip the Full-Day and Travel options.

Follow this same pattern for Choices 2-8.

Please note: Do NOT sign up for both a Full-Day/Travel Course AND Half-Day Courses for the same choice. For any given choice, you're picking either one Full-Day/Travel Course OR two Half-Day Courses.

Sample Course: Buzzz - The Keeping of Bees