Seniors will receive priority in placement. All Seniors will be numbered. A random number generator will select a number and the Senior with that number will be given his or her first choice. This process will continue until all Seniors have been placed, using the Senior’s list of preferences as course enrollments fill up. The same procedure will be followed for each succeeding class. If a student’s first choice is already filled, the placement will continue as if the student’s second choice were actually the first, and so on. In an effort to ensure underclassmen receive one of their top choices, they will be signing up for courses a week after upperclassmen, selecting from an updated list of available courses.

The committee reserves the right to make adjustments in course rosters.

If a student does not express preferences before the committee determines course rosters, the committee will assign the student to a course. Please keep in mind that all students are required to participate.

The placement procedure is obviously weighted to benefit upperclassmen with the understanding that all students will benefit from the procedure at some time in their high school careers. We also feel that it is very important to have the March Intensive support of the older students, who set the tone and direction for the student body.

Please note that all students are expected to participate in March Intensive; exceptions are granted only at the discretion of the Administration. If a student receives an "NP" or "UP" for March Intensive, he/she will be placed at the bottom of his/her class lottery the following year. Moreover, students are expected to participate in the MI course(s) assigned to them. If there is a problem, please see an adult member of the MI Committee.

Sample Course: From Jungle to Truffle

Making Truffles at King Arthur Flour

From Jungle to Truffle: The Ecology and History of Chocolate is a hands-on, taste-testing exploration of rain forests and trans-Atlantic journeys, of spicy drinks and factory floors, of brain chemistry and antioxidants, of worrisome labor practices and fair trade advances. It is a week of learning (and tasting) where chocolate comes from and where it is going.