We are proud to bring you Hanover High School’s tenth annual March Intensive (MI) program. We are excited that March Intensive has been approved as a regular part of our school program. As a result, March Intensive participation will be recorded on each student's Secondary School Report, which is part of the Common Application for college. This year, the dates for March Intensive are March 14th-17th; Monday, March 13th will be a March Intensive workshop day when instructors will be making final preparations for their classes.


March Intensive is four days of diverse course offerings, organized and taught by staff, students, and community members.
  1. Courses offered will provide opportunities for meaningful learning experiences for students and staff that are different from what already exists in the school’s curriculum offerings.
  2. Students will experience learning for learning’s sake because this is free-choice learning.
  3. Students may expand their horizons and take a risk in studying something without fear of grades.
  4. The larger community will be involved by leading courses; sharing their knowledge, skills, and expertise; and participating as students on a space-available basis.
  5. Students will have the opportunity to study one subject in depth for several hours each day rather than switching courses every 50 or so minutes.
  6. Students and staff will have the opportunity to work with each other in a different context.


Staff or community members can volunteer to teach a course — community members must be partnered with HHS staff members. The course must support the objectives of March Intensive and be sanctioned by the March Intensive Committee, the Committee on Instruction, and the Dresden School Board. These requirements are in place to ensure that March Intensive offers a quality learning experience. Each course runs for four full-days, 8:00 AM to 2:55 PM (2:00 PM on Wednesday), or, if paired with another course, for four half-days, 8:00 to 11:00 AM and 12:00 to 2:55 PM (8:00 - 10:30 AM and 11:30 - 2:00 PM on Wednesday). Volunteers are encouraged to contact the March Intensive Committee for assistance in organizing their course schedules. It should be noted that more than one individual can be involved in teaching a course, and field trips consistent with the course objectives are encouraged.


Cost will depend on the design and offerings of a specific course. We encourage instructors to create as many $0 options as possible. In 2015, for example, over 65% of the programs were $0. Students who cannot afford the cost of a course should seek assistance from the March Intensive Committee. Scholarships will be available. While enrollment numbers per course may be limited, the large number and diversity of course offerings are meant to ensure a quality experience for all participants. Students and their families will have the responsibility of choosing courses that best match the students’ interests.


Here are a few things to keep in mind with this year's March Intensive:

  • In an effort to ensure underclassmen receive one of their top MI courses, they will be signing up for courses a week after upperclassmen. They will be selecting from an updated list of available courses.
  • All students are expected to participate in this program.
  • There is an option for Independent Study. All student proposals for Independent Study will be due the week before courses go live on the March Intensive website. The Independent option is limited. There will be a maximum of 20 slots available. The registration deadline is absolute and the proposal review is comprehensive. Family trips where recreation and leisure are the focus will not be considered for MI credit. If a student fails to meet all of the MI Independent expectations, he/she will not receive credit for March Intensive. See Ford Daley for more information and Independent Study proposal forms.
  • We are committed to offering at least half of the courses at no cost to the student. There will be a universal non-refundable deposit due date.
  • Each course includes a reflective piece (such as a journal), to be completed by the end of the course. Courses also have required reading.
  • The Common Ground following March Intensive will be dedicated to sharing experiences with other students.
  • Anyone who receives an "NP" or "UP" for March Intensive will be put on the bottom of their class lottery the following year!


In late October, we will publish the list of March Intensive courses with instructions for course registration. Juniors and Seniors will come into Common Ground the next week ready to give their top eight choices to the March Intensive Committee; freshmen and sophomores will sign up the following week. More detailed information will be added in late October to the March Intensive website about each course under the “March Intensive” link on the HHS website. It is very important to think carefully about choosing courses, so all students have an interesting and positive experience.


Last year, through generous grants and personal donations, the March Intensive Committee was able to lower the cost of many courses. We hope to continue granting scholarships to students whose family might not have the financial means to pay for a course. If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, please contact Jarrod Shaheen ( or send a check to the high school c/o Jarrod Shaheen, made out to "HHS March Intensive."  Thank you for your support of this program.

Here’s to another great March Intensive!

Learning for Learning's Sake

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